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Is it okay to send flowers to the family's home? If so, when is it appropriate to send them?

Certainly. This is a great way to express your sympathy and it is very common. Some people choose to send flowers to the home immediately while others prefer to wait a week or more. There are no rules.

Is it still appropriate to send flowers if the obituary mentions a charitable donation?

Yes. Flowers help say what is often difficult to express, they are always appropriate and in good taste. Flowers also play a functional role, adding warmth to the service and providing the visible emotional support that the family needs during this time.

What is appropriate to send for a cremation?

Almost anything that is appropriate for a normal funeral service can also be sent for a cremation service including fresh cut flowers in a vase, potted plants and standing easel sprays.

Is it appropriate to send a plant to the funeral home? If so, will the funeral home send it to the family after the service?

Yes, the funeral director will notify the family members that they may take the plants with them after the service.

Is it acceptable to send roses or flowers in a glass vase to the funeral home?

Absolutely. The only time this may not be acceptable is if the service is graveside because most cemeteries do not allow glass containers. In these cases, we recommend standing easel sprays or wreaths.

What is a Shiva Call?

If the deceased was Jewish the immediate family will hold a "Shiva" in their home for seven days after the passing. It is customary for friends and coworkers to come by the home and pay their respects to the family, this is known as paying a Shiva call. Desserts, fruit and Kosher food baskets are traditionally taken to or sent to the home, however, flowers are not appropriate for a Shiva call. We recommend choosing one of our many gourmet gift baskets: (link)

I just heard the sad news… Is it too late to send sympathy flowers?

Some people choose to send flowers a week or so after the funeral when the initial chaos has passed. No matter how much time has passed, the gesture of sending flowers reminds the bereaved that you have not forgotten them and you are still thinking of them and their loss.

Is it okay to send a fruit or gourmet food basket?

In some cases, particularly in Jewish cultures, a fruit or gourmet basket is greatly appreciated by a family who is receiving out-of-town guests during the mourning period. This type of gift does double-duty, delivering your condolences while helping to care for and nurture family and friends