Enjoy the Dr Delphinium quality you’ve come to know and
love for all of your short-term plant needs. Work with our team
to select the perfect plants and we’ll take care of the rest.
From installation to maintenance and removal, our team is on
call from end-to-end. With flexible pricing for a few hours to a
few days or longer, we’ve made plant rentals easy breezy.

Perfect For:
Corporate & Business
Special Events
Conferences & Trade Shows
Meetings & More...

The Dr D Quality
Now Enjoy the perks of our
high-end interior landscaping
service, but for short term

Delivery & Pickup
Hassle-free installation with
our experienced team.
Delivery, pickup, and cleanup
on your schedule.

Care & Maintenance
For longer-term rentals, we
provide care & maintenance
to keep your plants looking
fresh and perfect.

Pricing Designed For You
Competitive pricing with
the added benefit of an 80%
discount for any additional
rental days.