Place your design out of direct sunlight. Sunlight causes the colors to fade and the flowers to become brittle which leads to early decay of your design. 

Designs indoors should be kept away from air drafts and any source of moisture which could damage your design, cause it to become limp and possibly create mold to develop on your arrangement at which time we highly suggest to discard the arrangement. 

To keep your arrangement dust free we suggest using a feather duster rather than the modern "swifter" products. The dried flowers tend to get caught on the fabric of the swifter type clothes and become entangled. A hair dryer on a very low speed can also be used, be sure to use the cool setting when doing so.

When storing your dried flower wreaths we suggest using the original box they came in. If you did not retain that box use a box that will allow enough spacing to place tissue. To repel moths and insects we suggest using cedar chips along with your stored design. We do not recommend storing your beautiful design in plastic, as it will collect moisture and damage your arrangement. Avoid storing your arrangement in the attic or basement where temperatures fluctuate and humidity levels will cause your arrangement to decay.

Designs kept indoors, out of direct sunlight can be expected to last many years with proper upkeep. Designs outdoors (ex. wreaths hung on doors) can be expected to last seasonally.

For more questions regarding care please call 214.522.9911.

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